This beautiful bracelet is made out of a stunning 18kt White Gold

and features 6 strands of gorgeous Akoya Pearls

throughout as well as an elegant Pearl, sapphire and Ruby decorated clasp

The Akoya Pearls in this piece are all beautifully rounded and show case a stunningly smooth polished surface.

Each pearl measures 5 -5.5 mm in diameter. These pearls are in gorgeous condition.

The bracelet (with 144 pearls) is 19.5 cm long and weights 44.66 grams.

The clasp has a stunning design that is completely hand chiselled

and is decorated above and underneat  with gorgeous and very detailed flowers

and chased 4 Ruby, 4 Sapphire  and one Akoya pearl center piece.

This bracelet comes with a certificate of warranty issued by an expert gemmologist registered at the Court.





Non selezionato
19.5 cm long
18kt White Gold



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